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Nature's Circle

Here is the result of my latest doodling with my cross stitch program. I called it Nature's Circle.

I am planning to stitch it on a bag I have been designing. Haven't decided on the colours yet. Anyway, I drew the pattern in two different colour-schemes, one with natural, soft colours and the other with brighter ones and love both.

But as usual, I would encourage everyone to try your own colours, choose from your thread stash and have fun with it.

I left the middle of the pattern empty, but actually thinking of filling in that part also. Will show you how it turns out when I can finally decide. Until then, go ahead and create your own version, if you like it.

Happy stitching :)

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Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup pour cette grille originale
bon weekend
amitié de brodeuse
sylvie maminou