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Valentine's Day Biscornu

It does not often happen to me that I am prepared in advance. :D Now, however, I remembered that Valentine's Day is not so far away, about four weeks from today. That means there is still enough time to make a few little gifts.

What about a lovely biscornu in lovely pinks? Or, if you feel like purple or blue - go ahead, change the colours, pick your favourites, get creative :)

I got a bit carried away, couldn't keep the two sides in the same style, one is more controlled, symmetrical while the other is a bit whimsical - but I have a feeling it will look quite good when put together. There is place in the middle for a nice little button.

I think I am also going to stitch this soon but didn't want to wait until I have a finished product to photograph. Perhaps someone can stitch it before me? Race you? :D :D

Please enjoy, and send me a photo if you make it.

Click on the picture, as usual, to get the pdf download. In case you don't have Google and can't download it, write a comment and I will send it to you in an e-mail.


Anonymous said...

merci agi pour ces grilles de biscornu coeur, c'est très gentil
bonne semaine
sylvie maminou

Ági said...


Sarah Beth said...

Please email me the PDF file. I've been jhaving a lot of trouble downloading files in my reader

Timi said...

Nagyon tetszik a minta!!! Még sose csináltam biscornu-t, de most lehet kipróbálom...:o)

Ági said...

Thank you, everyone.
Sarah, I sent it to you, let me know if you receive it.
Timi, itt az ideje, ugorj bele fejest. Nem nehéz :)

Beaj said...

Love it.. Thank You.:)

Timi said...

Megcsináltam!!! :o)))
Nem lett tökéletes, de első próbálkozásra jó! :o)
Köszönöm még egyszer!!