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My new dress

I have been sewing again.

This time I chose a commercial pattern that, luckily, we have at school. It's an Onion pattern, 2032.
It is good because it goes up to size 48. I actually thought I need 50 so I drew my pattern a bit bigger - than had to reduce it when I sewed it together.
I had this nice knit fabric, which is not very stretchy, just a bit. It wasn't easy to sew though because the edges curled up, even though I ironed it. Anyway, I managed.
The pattern description is in Danish (!!!). I did understand (or guessed) some of it, based on the little Swedish I know. Those two languages are quite near each other. But I wasn't sure I understood how to sew the pleats in front, so I just did it as I thought and they didn't turn out perfect. But they are not too bad.

Here is the result. All in all, I think this is a really good dress, considering how much experience I have. I used an overlock stitch to sew most seams, then cut off the excess fabric, and a stretchy straight seam for the hemming. So it looks almost professional from the inside, too. I am VERY happy with it.

It was March 15th, Hungarian national holiday, that's why the Hungarian ribbon. In the background, on my pinboard you can see a photo of my Mom.

What do you think?


Fidike said...

Klassz lett, ügyes vagy, hogy megértetted a dán leírást!

Rajtam is volt kokárda a suliban 15-én:).

LimeRiot said...

It looks lovely! I really like the design on the fabric.

Emma Louise Brown said...

It looks great! Will you be making any more?

Ági said...

Köszi. Thank you. Yes, I am hoping to continue - next is a blouse, then probably some more dresses for spring - if it ever comes. I am also planning to make a bag, a bigger one this time, and want to learn quilting. That's the plan, anyway. :)

tiffstitch said...

very nicely done!