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Love - free cross stitch pattern

Hi, everyone, hope you are doing well and stitching or knitting or sewing etc with all your might. :)

I am doing all right. Have been busy, as usual, not much free time for crafting and even that is often taken up by Pinterest and other internet sites and blogs. Sometimes I feel guilty that I am just looking and looking instead of doing but I know that I need such times, and they are worth the time because later I can use a lot of the inspiration I receive. It's like input and output.
I hope this makes sense. Do you ever feel like this? Do you have "collection" periods to be followed by more active crafting times?

It was on Pinterest that I saw a funny and really cute way of writing the word Love. I liked it so much that I made it into a cross stitch pattern. It was fun finding out a way to draw it, and I am sure it would be even more fun to stitch it.

I am planning to use my favourite DMC variegated for it: 115. What colour would you choose? Solid or variegated? Or perhaps more than one?

I hope many of you will enjoy stitching it.

See you soon.



Wendy said...

You're right, it is lovely! Thanks for sharing. I think variegated thread would look nice, but so would a solid colour.

Lila said...

Agi, you sound like me! I too spend too much time looking for ideas and inspirations! (Well, I'm not "looking for them" , they just happen to be discovered :D)
And I too think that it will result in something very nice & creative later... It is a consolation. But the truth is, at least in my case, there has to be moderation; there definitely has to be more time for work than for play.... Internet takes too much time... too many temptations (Pinterest is fun, but has its downsides!) too many blogs, groups, freebies... ehh

Oh, only yesterday I discovered a discontinued variegated thread you mention :) It is interesting to try some day, if only I manage to buy it...

Thank you for the pattern and have a productive weekend :)

Yiotas Cross Stitch said...

Love it, thanks for sharing!