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I am back - photos from Hungary

Hi, everyone!

I am back from my trip to Hungary. It was lovely, the weather was really hot, 37-39 degrees Celsius! Then I came back to Sweden and it is barely 20 - I wish there could be some compromise between the two. :(

I didn´t do much needlework lately, I crocheted a shrug and finished knitting two scarves for my daughter and my friend we stayed with in Hungary. Of course, I forgot to take photos. :( Will ask them to send me a photo if they can.

Right now I am having internet problems but I will try to come online once in a while at my boyfriend´s place. Please forgive me if I can´t answer comments right away.

Here are some photos from the trip. Thanks Stephen for letting me use them - he took all the pictures.

For some reasons he took lots of photos of me like this - do I need to take it as a hint??? ;)

With Nelli and Rita, two friends from my former school.

Yarn-bombing in Budapest :)

On Margaret Bridge in Budapest - on the left you can see the tip of Margaret Island.

With my best friend, Panni - we have been friends since primary school. We stayed at their place and went for a weekend trip together.

My beautiful daughter. Eszter and her boyfriend. Oh, how I miss her already!

I met some of my former class that graduated from high school in 2008. I am so proud of them all!

With Panni on the highest mountain (hill? 1014 m) of Hungary. Perhaps this is not the best angle to take a photo of me. Hm...

Hungarian bread. I think this might be an explanation for our weight problems.

Two "mer-ladies" on Tisza-lake.

Lovely Transsilvanian embroidery at a market in Pásztó.

One of the ladies selling things helped me try on an old fashioned skirt of the folk costume. :)

And finally, the only photo of the person who made all the other pictures: Stephen.
We had a lovely time together.


tiffstitch said...

Great pictures Agi!!

Lila said...

Thank you, Agi, for such funny post! :D Nice pictures. I so envy you your temperature in Sweden :o} That's where one should go for summer.

Hmm, Transilvanian embroidery... I wonder if vampires stitch? :D

PS.Nice new wallpaper :)

mags said...

Great pictures Agi, looks like you had a good time.

Ági said...

Thank you all. :)