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Easter basket cross stitch pattern

Hello, everyone. I am coming with a cross stitch pattern for a small easter basket.
I was struggling a bit with figuring out how to do this and unfortunately I have no time to stitch it now to try it out but I really hope it will work. Please, if you try it, let me know how it turned out.

The basket has a hexagon as a bottom and six side pieces that have cross stitch on them. Click on the picture to get the downloadable pdf.

I figured out two ways to finish the basket - in my head.

Method 1 - sewn by hand

The 6 side pieces are embroidered and backstitched around. Then cut out with an extra 1 cm around it. Fold the fabric along the backstitch and whipstitch the sides together sewing only through the backstitches, not in the fabric. (This is how biscornus are stitched together, if you are not sure, you can google that and find intructions.)
The bottom could be Aida, but only stitch the backstitch around, no need to stitch the letters. Or you could cut a piece of fabric the same size. Basically, it needs to be a hexagon with sides as long as the bottom of the basket sides. And I hope I drew the shape well enough to fit the sides, I can tell you, it was not easy.

This way you will have the raw edges of the seam allowances and the back of your embroidery on the inside of the basket. Fold some tissue paper or a napkin in it to cover them up.

Method 2 - sewn by sewing machine and by hand, using lining fabric

No need to sew the backstitching around the pieces, instead draw the lines with a water erasable pen - on the back of the work. Put the embroidery right sides together with the lining fabric and sew with the sewing machine, following the drawn lines. But don't sew all the way around, leave a hole on the bottom to turn it inside out. Before you do that, clip the corners. Do the same for the bottom piece.

You will have 7 two-sided pieces. Fold in the seam allowance for the holes and iron them. Then sew the pieces together by hand with invisible stitch (ladder stitch) or small whipstitch or blanket stitch. Make sure to close the holes at the same time. The whipstitch or blanket stitch can be decorated with tiny beads, too.

You can make two small handles from braided yarn or fabric strips and sew them on.

Of course, feel free to use the pattern for something else if you wish. Use just one element to make a card or a small wall hanging or a picture. Enjoy.

Happy stitching.


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